Friday, January 13, 2012

Puerto Muntt to Orsono, Chile

Back to civilization and the Internet after four nights on the MS Evangelitas. We docked at 06:15 this morning in heavy fog.

Waiting to ride on to the ship. 22:00 hours on 9JAN. Note, it's still daylight.

A very scenic trip from Puerto Natales to Puerto Muntt. The inland waterway was calm but midway through the trip we were in the Pacific Ocean for about 12 hours of rock-and-roll. At dinner we took a big roll and a couple of hundred cups and plates side off the serving counter and on to the deck.

My home for four days. Great luck, nobody snored! Also none of my roommates spoke English.

12 bikes on the ship. 5 Beemers.

Great Sunsets.

Coming in to Puerto Muntt at 06:00 today. Note, it's daylight.

There are two levels for vehicles and they unloaded ours last, so I didn't get to ride down the ramp until 08:45.

As I rode north to Orsono the coastal fog cleared and it became a blue sky day.

Tomorrow I'll ride to Los Angeles, Chile and then Sunday up to Santiago.

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Location:Ramón Freire,Osorno,Chile

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