Friday, January 6, 2012

Punta Arenas to El Calafate, Argentina

Left this morning at 06:30 under a blue sky, 47 degrees and light wind. Plus, the gravel roads are behind me.

Crossing from Chile in to Argentina I ran in to four guys from Brazil heading to Ushuaia. They insisted on pictures so I had them take one with the iPhone.

The Chile and Argentina Aduana desks are next to each other and not miles apart so it's really easy to process the paper. You wouldn't believe the sound of documents being stamped at these border crossings.

This sign on Ruta 40 in Argentina says it all.

Came over a ridge and there was El Calafate about 30 miles in the distance.

Off tomorrow for a day hike on the Perito Moreno Glacier. Then Sunday I'll ride down to Puerto Natales to load the bike on Monday, board at 22:00 and sail Tuesday at 06:00. We arrive at Puerto Muntt Friday at 07:00 and it takes two to three hours to unload the bike. Go figure.

Then a three day ride to Santiago, Chile. This ride will be similar to a ride from San Diego to San Francisco, only a bit longer. Great freeways in Chile but many tolls.

I'll air freight the bike to SFO on the 18th and I'll fly to Reno on the 19th, arriving on the 20th.

The Adventure is nearly over. It was sure fun but I have to admit it'll sure be nice to get home.

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Location:Simunovic,El Calafate,Argentina

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