Saturday, January 7, 2012

El Calafate & the Moreno Glacier

Today was a sightseeing day and I rode out to hike on the Moreno Glacier. It was a beautiful ride out, about one hour with some great twistees along the lake.

A boat took us over to the glacier and we were fitted with crampons for the hike. Very much like walking with snowshoes.

As we hiked up the glacier further down the glacier, next to the lake, we heard and saw calfing every few minutes. One chunk of ice was about the size of s small house. Created a very large wave, or waves. Of course nobody had their cameras ready for the 'big one'.

Luck was with us as it was a blue sky day all day. The guides said most days are at least partly cloudy and many times you can't see the mountains at all. The moisture comes off the Pacific Ocean, about forty miles to the west, and causes snow about 300 days of the year at the higher altitudes. There is no global warming here in the Andes, the glacier is stable,

Had a nice chat with Awy Julianto from Singapore.

Toasted at the end of the hike with a bourbon over glacier ice.

Tomorrow I'm off to Puerto Natales to catch the ferry to Puerto Muntt, Chile. A four day cruise (9 - 13 JAN), with no Internet or mobile phone contact. We get on the shop at 22:90 on Monday, set sail Tuesday at 06:09 and dock on Friday at 07:00.

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Location:Miguel Sánchez,Natales,Chile

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