Monday, January 9, 2012

El Calafate to Puerto Natales, Chile

Argentina in to Chile, my last border crossing in South America. Wow! Still have to process the bike out of Chile but the freight forwarder will take care of the Aduana Office, all I'll have to do is claim the bike in San Francisco.

Leaving El Calafate at 08:00, after getting a fill with no line, as I was pulling out of the station the five guys from Argentina I met two days ago rode by. So I joined them. We caught up with a couple on a Beemer. Rode with the group for fifty miles and then took the cutoff to Puerto Natales. Rough gravel for 40 miles but gave me a 170 mile day vs a 250 mile day. It was worth it as I met four Germans. One couple is on their way to Deadhorse so I of course exchanged cards with them and invited then to stop off in Reno.

Crossing out of Argentina I met a couple from Brazil coming up from Ushuaia. She is flying home from Puerto Natales and he is riding back to Brazil.

Arrived safely in Puerto Natales at 13:00. Will process the bike for getting it on the ship tomorrow afternoon. The passengers are boarded at 22:00 although we don't sail until Tuesday at 06:00. Arrive Puerto Muntt on Friday at 07:00. Am told it'll take two to three hours to off load the vehicles. Then its a three day ride up to Santiago.

I'll fly the bike to SFO on the 18th or 19th. I fly on the 19th and arrive Reno in the 20th.

We'll drive over to San Francisco on the 24th and I'll claim the bike in the 25th and ride home. Hopefully Donner Pass will cooperate.

There is no Internet on the ship so the next time I post anything will be Friday the 13th from Ordino, Chile.

Processing the bike out of Argentina. A one hour process.

Came over the ridge and there is Puerto Natales 14 miles in the distance.

Many motos in town, all waiting to board the ferry Monday evening.

Some fun trash receptacles in Puerto Natales.

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Location:Blanco Encalada,Natales,Chile

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